Where are you based? 

We are based on the Gold Coast, in QLD Australia. 

How do I store my Fresh Juice Blender?

Your Fresh Juice blender can be stored in the cupboard, the same as any other blender. Please do not store the blender in the refrigerator as this can damage the internal motor. 

How do I clean my Fresh Juice blender?

The Fresh Juice blender has a lid and base that unscrews, so it very easy to clean. The base is waterproof, but do not submerge in water or soak the blender base as this can cause damage. You can blend dish soap and water to clean, and then just rinse. 

Can I put my Fresh Juice blender in the dishwasher?

The motor of the blender cannot be put in the dishwasher. The Fresh Juice blender is easy to clean, and only requires rinsing in the sink after use. 

How much does my Fresh Juice blender hold?

Approximately 380 ml.  

How much does my Fresh Juice blender weigh?

The Fresh Juice blender is light, making it easy to pop in your bag and take anywhere. It weighs 488 grams. 

How do I charge the Fresh Juice blender?

The Fresh Juice blender comes with a wireless USB charger that can be plugged into a phone charger plug, laptop, computer, car USB port or portable power bank device. The Fresh Juice blender sits on top of the wireless charging base. Whilst charging the the light on the base will flash, becoming solid once charged. 

How long does the battery last?

The Fresh Juice blender once fully charged will last for approximately 15 uses. Tougher blends of frozen fruit or ice may use the battery power quicker. 

Can frozen fruit and ice be blended in the Fresh Juice blender?

Frozen fruit an ice can be blended, but we recommend either soaking the fruit and ice for 20 seconds before blending and always using liquid. Smaller pieces of fruit and ice are ideal for blending, so not to cause wear and tear on the blade. We have an ice cube tray available that is perfect for making ice to blend in the Fresh Juice blender. 

Is there a warranty with the Fresh Juice blender?

The Fresh Juice blender comes with a warranty of 1 year. 

Can I use hot liquids in the Fresh Juice blender?

No hot liquids should be used in the Fresh Juice blender. Ice teas, ice chocolates, ice coffee and ice chai are all great substitutes though. Let the tea and coffee cool before adding to the Fresh Juice blender. 

 Are there delays due to COVID-19?

At the current time there are delays shipping internationally and domestically. We will always ship our packages as soon as possible, but delays are dependent on our third party delivery partners. 

If you have any more questions we are happy to help you. Please use our contact form or email: