About Us



Fresh Juice Australia is a family-owned business founded on the Gold Coast by two sisters, Taylor and Tamara. Both sisters were leading busy lives and struggling with their health and wellness. Taylor worked in the demanding hospitality industry whilst also attending university. And Tamara was juggling being a mum and full time in her law degree.

With their demanding schedules, the sisters found it difficult to get adequate nutrition and often resorted to eating fast and convenient junk food. Tamara would often take protein shakes for lunch in a portable shaker, only to find they would be lumpy and inedible at break time. Taylor would never have time to make her lunch and resorted to eating the food at work.

Fed up with letting their health take a backseat, the girls looked for a solution. And so Fresh juice Australia was found to provide an easy way to get adequate nutrition, anytime, anywhere for everyone.

On a journey to improve their own health, the sisters realised they wanted to help others improve their health too. Our mission at Fresh Juice Australia is to provide you with a high-quality, affordable product that helps you stay healthy.  

We care about the environment too, and are continually improving our product and packaging to be more sustainable.